Nygård Fabric Glossary

Nygård selects only the highest quality fabrics in the design and construction of all our merchandise. Please make sure to always check the label inside your garment for fabric care instructions.

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Refers to the fine, fluffy hair of the Angora rabbit. Angora fibers are so fine they generally are combined with wool, cotton or rayon.
A lightweight, smooth faced, fine textured fabric.
Boiled Wool
bric is boiled before the construction of the garment; this process shrinks the fibers and makes the fabric tighter, giving it more warmth and elasticity.
Boucle (boo-CLAY)
A woven or knitted fabric created by twisting thick and thin yarns for a decorative, nubby texture with a soft hand and a sophisticated look. Fabric has a loopy, curly surface. Boucle yarn can be either acrylic, wool or a blend.
A fine, tightly woven fabric with a faint rib. Wool broadcloth usually has a soft, slightly napped surface and is of medium weight.
Brushed Fabric
A finishing process in which the fabric is swept by bristles to raise the nap.
Brussels Lace
A combination of lace and netting characterized by a needlepoint design.
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A soft, closely woven fabric with a high glaze.
Made from the wool of the cashmere or Kashmir goat, noted for its softness. Cashmere is one of the luxury fibers and is usually blended with wool or man-made fibers to lower the cost and to improve its wearing ability.
Challis (shal-LEE)
A very soft, supple lightweight, plain weave fabric made of cotton, wool, rayon or blends.
Derived from Cambrai, France; a plain weave, yarn-dyed cotton or blend fabric made with a colored warp and white filling. Usually made in a plain color, although also available in stripes, checks and figure patterns.
A lightweight silk, cotton or blend fabric which is soft and drapes well. It is smooth and has a semi-lustrous satin face and dull back.
Derived from the French word for "caterpillar." A special yarn with fuzzy pile protruding on all sides. It has a velvety caterpillar-like appearance.
A semi-sheer, soft draping fabric. Its lightweight characteristic allows it to fall into soft flares and ripples. Originally made in silk, but now found in polyester and other man-made filament yarns.
Glazed cotton fabric often printed with figures and flower designs.
A pile fabric with ribs called wales, running lengthwise down the fabric. These wales may vary in width from fine (pinwales) to wide wale. Corduroy is strong and durable with a velvet-like nap.
Cotton Knit
Easy to wear, easy to care for. Dressed up or down, versatile cotton knit defines comfort and is perfect for travel.
Cotton Velvet
A classic day-to-evening fabric with a luxurious plush texture. Perfect for dressing up or down.
Pinpoint Cotton
A much finer woven cotton oxford cloth. Beautiful hand, takes dyes well. Usually worn as a dress or shirt.
Covert Cloth
A medium weight twill fabric. Usually made of two different colored twisted two-ply yarns. It has a mottled appearance.
Crepe-backed Satin
A medium weight, shiny, smooth-surfaced fabric with a pebbly creped backing. It is pliable and soft, accommodates gathers, pleats and fullness easily.
Crepe de Chine
A soft, thin, but opaque, lightweight fabric with a crinkled surface.
Covert Wool
The special look comes from a compact twill weave (for texture) formed by tightly twisting two shades of a color together, creating the speckled appearance and greater color depth. Great for both suited and sportswear looks.
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A luxurious tonal brocade created by using a fabric-etching process that "burns out" the rayon satin to reveal the sheer silk chiffon underneath.
Velvet Devore
A printing technique which chemically etches the fabric to leave a raised design on a sheer background.
Donegal Tweed
A fabric originally woven in Donegal, Ireland and characterized by coarse yarns with large specks of red, blue, green and orange.
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A light to medium-weight wool fabric with a slightly napped surface. Woven with either wool, worsted yarns, or with wool combined with cotton, rayon and other man-made fibers.
Foulard (fu-LARD)
A lightweight, soft fabric of twill or plain weave popular for neckties and scarves. A foulard print refers to small all over patterns like those used traditionally on men's neck ties.
A blend of yarns that contains a large percentage of lambswool in combination with angora and nylon.
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A durable, closely woven worsted wool fabric with definite diagonal ridges.
A crepe-like fabric which drapes nicely and is somewhat sheer.
Harris Tweed
A very durable wool fabric spun, dyed and hand-woven in the outer Hebrides of Scotland.
High-Twist Wool
High-twist crepe yarns in a lightweight wool are woven to create a fine designer-like fabric with a smooth texture and beautiful drape. High-twist wool offers season-spanning comfort, making this a versatile fabric with seasonless appeal.
Irregular colored 1/2"to 2"check like a square with points at two corners. Consists of colored checks alternating with white or other contrasting color, produced by a yard-dyed twill weave.
A polyester, wool blend, cotton, linen or rayon fabric woven with a basketweave effect to achieve a lightweight seasonless fabric.
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Irish Linen
Naturally lightweight, cool and comfortable. The softest, finest quality linen is synonymous with summer, tailoring beautifully into both polished and casual looks.
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Leather from the skins of young goats. Light yet strong, highly porous, it's used in both fashion and comfort shoes.
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Delicate, soft, supple skins of sheep or lambs.
Flax is the plant, linen is the product from flax. The term linen cannot be used unless the fabric is from the natural fiber flax.
The best of both worlds. A soft, casual blend that adds the suppleness of cotton to the crispness of linen.
The crisp appeal of linen is softened by the easy drape and lustrous hand of rayon. A cool, comfortable fabric to wear throughout the season.
The fluid drape of Tencel® combines with the cool beauty of linen. A new herringbone weave that blends two natural fibers into one soft, luxurious fabric.
A fleecy coating fabric woven in Austria and Germany from coarse grade wool that contains some of its natural oils (gives water repellence to the fabric).
A metallic yarn woven into knits, which gives the knit a shiny luster.
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A fabric made of fine cotton, hand-loomed and imported from Madras, India.
Marled yarn
A novelty yarn spun from different colors.
Matte Crepe
A soft, fluid blend of rayon and polyester, with a subtle texture and exceptional drape, for comfortable elegance day or evening.
Matte Silk Taffeta
A plain weave, tightly woven smooth crisp fabric with a characteristic rustle. Made from silk or man-made filament yarns.
Merino Wool
High quality wool yarn made from the fleece of Merino sheep. It is short and fine, strong and resilient, and takes dyes well.
Ultra-fine fibers give polyester microfiber a soft, silky, luxurious hand. Machine washable, it shrugs off wrinkles and is the perfect choice for year-round wear.
A soft and resilient fiber from the Angora goat, is light and fluffy to the touch, providing much more warmth in proportion to its weight.
Moiré (moor-RAY)
A light to medium weight fabric with a fine crosswise rib. It is noted for its water-embossed pattern.
A strong, heavy, woven fabric with a short, smooth nap produced by brushing and shearing the surface. Usually made of cotton.
A very thin, but stiff, plain woven fabric.
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A soft, lightweight, luxurious fabric made from the hair of the Tibetan goat, which produces fine fleece called pashm. Pashmina shawls are woven with silk running the length of the weave. Hand weaving gives the shawl its distinctive character and produces its slender drape, elegant silk sheen, and soft, delicate feel.
Pima Cotton
A very fine textured cotton, originally derived by crossing American and Egyptian species. Used in fine shirtings and dress fabrics.
Fabric with a very narrow wale or rib. Used in describing piques, corduroys or other ribbed fabrics. Also called baby cord.
Piqué (pee-KAY)
Fabric woven with small, raised geometric patterns. It is usually made of cotton or a blend. Crisp fabric of medium to heavy weight.
Ponte Knit
We wove it tight for softness, and gave it just enough stretch for comfort. It is packable and easy to care for, and it travels beautifully through the seasons.
Fine, closely woven fabric with slight horizontal ribs.
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A strong, lustrous natural fiber from the ramie plant grown in Asia (similar to linen).
Rayon Batiste
A sheer fine fabric mainly used for blouses and dresses.
The natural comfort of linen, the softer drape of rayon in a summer weight blend of exceptional style and durability.
Rayon/Nylon Knit
A comfortable and durable blend with a beautiful drape is perfect for year-round wear. Contains a touch of spandex for shape retention, fit and a refined and modern look.
We've blended the best of both for a softer drape, great packability. See how smoothly it transitions from desk to dinner, this season to the next.
A fluid fabric with a soft, easy drape. Its lighter weight and crinkled texture give it multi-season versatility and make it perfect for travel.
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A heavy, strong, plain weave fabric usually of cotton or cotton/polyester.
A cotton fabric with a very smooth, lustrous surface.
A lightweight fabric usually made with alternating stripes of plain and of slightly puckered weaves.
A rough, plain weave silk fabric made of uneven yarns to produce a textured effect, particularly evidenced in occasional thicker threads in the filling. Yarns retain all knots, lumps and other imperfections. Originally made of wild silk yarns on hand looms in the Shantung Province of China. There are domestic versions of silk blended with cotton, rayon, etc.
Shaker Knit
A heavy rib knit.
Shetland Wool
Soft, lightweight warm fabric with raised finish made from the wool of Shetland sheep.
Silk Doupioni
Medium weight silk fabric with a texture produced by a thick and thin yarn.
Silk Tussah
An uneven or coarse weave of silk fibers. The natural color unbleached in shades of ecru through brown.
Silk Double Crepe
High-twist yarn makes it a more substantial silk you can wear year-round. Lightly sandwashed for low sheen and a soft, luxurious feel. A beautiful drape with remarkable durability.
Space Dyed
Sections of the yarn are dyed in different colors resulting in a fabric with a multi-color effect.
This is not a kind of leather but a kind of finish. The surface of the leather is buffed to create a fine nap.
Sueded Stretch Twill
Polyester with a sueded finish for the supple feel of suede, a look of sporty elegance. A touch of spandex makes it more comfortable and provides a more flattering fit. It's machine washable, so it's as easy to care for as it is to wear.
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Tailored Knits
Tailored polish with durability of acrylic/nylon knit in a seasonless blend. Never clingy, always soft and flattering, wherever you go, these knits keep their shape, keep their look with minimal wrinkling.
A new, natural fabric with the luxurious hand and supple drape reminiscent of silk. The refined look is seasonless and right for both casual and classic styles.
Tissue Faille
A lightweight ribbed fabric with crosswise ribs. It is soft to the touch and drapes well.
The perfect choice for travel, man-made triacetate has an appealing softness and drape. Comfortably lightweight, its pack-and-wear qualities include wrinkle-resistance and multi-season wearability.
A woven fabric with a distinct steep double twill line. Used for trousers, dresses and women's sportswear
Tulle (tool)
An all-over meshed netting used to provide stiffening for a petticoat.
A general term describing strong, rough texture fabrics with mixed color effects. Traditionally wool, but tweeds of various fibers are now being made. Used for coats, suits, jackets, drapery, upholstery.
Brushed Twill
A finishing process to raise a nap on the surface of twill fabric using wire brushes or other abrasive materials.
Easy-Care Twill
A comfortable cotton specially treated to stay crisp and polished, wash after wash, making wrinkle-free twill perfect for travel.
Lightweight Twill
Lighter weight cotton twill has even more comfort, a softer drape and more seasons of wearability.
Two-Way Stretch Twill
Two-way stretch moves cotton to a new level of comfort. Now it fits without clinging, retains shape for a smoother line.
Silk Twill
A luxurious fabric with year-round polish in a soft, breathable weave. Travels well with a minimum of wrinkling, a maximum of versatility.
Twill - Sueded Stretch
Polyester with a sueded finish for the supple feel of suede, a look of sporty elegance. A touch of spandex makes it more comfortable and provides a more flattering fit. It's machine washable, so it's as easy to care for as it is to wear.
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Vegetable-Dyed Leather
Soft, supple, pebble-like leather tanned exclusively with vegetable tanning agents or with such materials together with small amounts of other agents used merely to assist the tanning process or to improve or modify the leather, and not in sufficient amounts to alter notably the essential vegetable character of the leather.
With its soft hand, depth of color and easy care, versatile cotton velveteen is a perfect complement to your casual wardrobe.
Lightweight, comfortable, versatile. The crisp appeal of linen with minimal wrinkling that makes it ideal for travel.
A warm soft knit cotton, cotton blend or nylon fabric similar to velvet.
Fabric raised on the surface and clipped to stand up and form a rich texture.
A slightly napped twill weave with the appearance of wool but is 50% cotton and 50% wool.
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Water Repellent
A fabric which resists water but does not prevent its penetration entirely. A water repellent fabric will give protection in a shower but not in heavy rain.
Wool Crepe
A refined yet durable fabric with a subtle, pebbled texture and exceptional drape, wool crepe is perfect for tailored garments and offers year-round versatility. Threads are crimped in S or Z patterns to create a fabric that resists wrinkling, accommodates the fullness of pleats and shirring.
Lightweight Wool Crepe
Wool crepe in a smoother, lighter weave. Now it's not just for special occasions, it's for everyday, every season of the year.
Lightweight Wool
Subtly textured and wrinkle resistant, this high-twist, fine worsted wool is lightweight, breathable and a great investment for year-round versatility.
Warm-Weather Wool
The beauty of pure, natural wool in our lightest weight. Ideal for warm weather and year-round wear, it's cool and comfortable with a soft drape and effortless style.
Lightweight Stretch Wool
Nature made wool breathable, durable, color retentive. Nygård made it lighter for year-round versatility, smoother fitting with just the right touch of stretch.
Fine viscose yarns crossed with tropical weight wool yarns create a cross-dye effect that gives the fabric a luster surface. Viscose/wool provides a lightweight, modern suiting option with a subtle sheen.
Wool Barathea
An indistinct twill or broken rib - usually a twilled hopsack weave - with a fine textured, slightly pebbled surface. Often of silk or silk blended with wool. Used for neckties, women's fine suits and coats, men's and women's evening wear.
Wool Felt
A non-woven sheet of matted material made from wool.
Wool Flannel
Versatile, comfortable, durable. Only the finest, softest worsted wool is woven into this definitive fall fabric.
Wool Gabardine
The smooth hand and subtle weave of wool gabardine make it a true investment in versatility, coordinating with virtually everything in your wardrobe.
Wool - High-Twist
High-twist crepe yarns in a lightweight wool are woven to create a fine designer-like fabric with a smooth texture and beautiful drape. High-twist wool offers season-spanning comfort, making this a versatile fabric with seasonless appeal.
Wool Melton
A thick wool fabric with a smooth, dull, napped surface used for coats.
Worsted Wool
Worsted fabrics are made from yarns that have been combed as well as carded. (Woolen yarns are only carded.) Worsted fabrics wear better than woolen fabrics, resist felting at points of wear and have a harder surface than woolens.
Double-faced Wool
A combination of two cloths woven on the loom at the same time held together by binder threads. Soft and luxurious to wear, it is used extensively in designer clothing.
Wool Twill
Wool is blended with a touch of nylon to create this deeply woven classic twill. High-twist yarns contribute to the appealing matte finish.
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Yarn Dyed
Fabrics which have had the yarns colored before the fabric is woven. Used to produce striped, plaids or tapestries.
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